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~Therapeutic Massage~

Relieve your stress, tension and pain with a therapeutic massage. You will love our team of licensed massage therapists who are highly skilled at helping you get the relief you need. 

We make scheduling your massage easier than ever! Simply choose the type of pressure you prefer:

  • Light  
  • Light-Medium  
  • Medium  
  • Medium-Firm   
  • Firm 

Then choose how long of a massage you'd like:

  • 90 minutes $95
  • 60 minutes $70
  • 45 minutes $59

Finally, choose your enhancement such as:

  • Cupping
  • Hot Stones for your Back
  • Aromatherapy
  • Exfoliating Back Scrub
  • Exfoliating Foot Scrub
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment
  • Honey Heel Glaze

(Type your chosen enhancements in the "Special Requests" box when you schedule online or simply let us know when you arrive for your appointment. Enhancements are an additional $10-$15)

~Specialty Massages~

Cupping Massage - We use cups and suction to create negative air pressure, ranging from light to heavy, next to the skin, in effect “lifting” the skin from the soft tissues underneath and allowing fluid to provide nourishment to those tissues. We have found that cupping can decrease muscle pain, release fascia, improve range of motion and lymph flow and even reduce cellulite. It even works well for areas that are typically too tender to work into the deeper tissues. Make your next massage appointment to incorporate cupping and feel the difference it can make for you. 90 minutes $110, 60 minutes $85

Deep Tissue Massage - This massage consists of deeper, more specific muscle isolation therapy.  People with chronic or acute pain often benefit from this type of massage. Soreness may be experienced following a deep tissue massage.  Cupping may be incorporated with this massage at no additional cost. 90 minutes $110, 60 minutes $85, 45 minutes $65, 30 minutes $45 

Sports Massage - This massage consists of deeper, sport-specific muscle isolation and typically incorporates stretching.  As an athlete that is training for an event or competition, you will benefit from this type of massage and achieve more optimum performance and typically experience less soreness post event. 90 minutes $110, 60 minutes $85

Maternity Massage - This massage is for the mommy-to-be and is performed comfortably either in a side-lying position on a cloud of pillows or using our prenatal cushions. The maternity massage mainly consists of long, flowing and relaxing massage strokes with light to moderate pressure. You must be past your first trimester to receive massage. 90 minutes $95, 60 minutes $70

Hot Stone Massage - Warm, smooth stones are used as an extension of the therapist's hands while using long, slow massage strokes. The warmth of the stones feels amazing as it warms tight muscles and relaxes your body. 90 minutes $110, 60 minutes $85 

Stress Relief/Headache Recovery Massage - This therapeutic massage is designed to relieve your neck and shoulder tension, restore range of motion in your neck and relieve your headache. 45 minutes $59

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